Friday, January 16, 2009

My Art Fire Shop

Two posts in one day, YEAH! Talk about keeping up a New Years Resolution. (I probably should not get too ahead of myself). Anyway, I forgot to mention in my previous post that I have opened up a new shop on Art Fire. Here it is: Padaysia It's my jewelry shop. I am currently working on handcrafting items to put in my other shop too. This shop is called "Pretty Little Ditty" and will consist of crafted items from my fiber-liking. Wait for it!!

I've been listing stuff all day long!! I know Art Fire is not as common, well-known, popular, whatever as Etsy, but maybe with time it will blossom. It seems like it's got a good thing going. I was resistant for a while to open up an Art Fire shop, but everyone on Twitter kept talking about it, and I finally gave in.

My next mission: I am really getting into the chainmaille but have not listed it yet, as I do not yet feel that my skills are up to par, if you know what I mean. I may try my hand at selling some at Raleigh's Flea Market when the weather warms up, and see how it does.


Kristy said...

Thought I'd stop by and say hi! The Etsy mini looks great. :=) Those purple earrings are gorgeous!

Padaysia said...

Thanks, Kristy!! I couldn't have done it without your help! And thanks for the compliment! :) Off to check out your blog! :D

Ashley said...

im still debating if I sould switch over to artfire. I have listed 10 items just to see how it goes but thats it.