Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wedding Plans

Our wedding is coming up in June!! And I have lots of the planning done, but there are still things to accomplish. Cherry blossoms are the theme and pink and brown are the colors. Or more specifically, rose and chocolate. We figured we could have a cherry blossom cake, much like one of these cakes to the left. I was so excited when I found these cherry blossom cameras that I can set on the guest tables at the reception. Ben and I both love chocolate and love coffee, so we are going to have chocolate covered espresso beans for our favors. We are even thinking of doing a s'mores making station at the reception in addition to the cake. We are dessert fanatics, so it's only fitting! More to come!


Jaded said...

thats the best theme i've seen in a long time! i love the smores idea

star said...

oh wow! so many lovely things you can do with cherry blossoms!
and the smores idea is great! anything that you can get your guests involved and have fun like that, is awesome!
my husband was going to college at an art school so we had a couple of his friends doing caricatures at our reception. we didn't do a typical guest book either. we had a sketch book set out and a box of crayons so people could put whatever drawings or messages they wanted in there.
can't wait to see everything you do! and congratulations!!!

HareAndDrum said...

Congratulations! June is such a great month to be married! My grandparents were married in June and spent 60+ years together! Thse cameras sure are a great find :)

Jonara Blu Maui said...

You should have a chocolate fountain!

I love the cake top left...and the one top right!

artangel said...

Ooh I LOVE your colour scheme - and wow - those cakes!!